Russian Strategic Culture and Nuclear Weapons

January 30, 2018


Professor Dr. Polina Sinovets

ACIR, January 30, 2018

ACIR Members and Guests

ACIR Members listen Dr. Polina Sinovets

ACIR Members

Bob Hipps and Cynthia Rennolds

Bob Kennedy thanks speaker Polina Sinovets

Bob Thacker and Bob Hipps

Chris McDermott and Polina Sinovets

Chris McDermott introduces speaker

Cynthia Rennolds and Polina Sinovets

Heather Seckman, Sharon Taylor, Anne Godset, Gail Goodwin

John Patrick Floyd, Jeremy Kobus

Judy van Heiningen, Chris McDermott

Mark Flowers, John Parkerson

Members gather for Luncheon

Members Gather

Olga Welch, Sharon Taylor

Polina Sinovets address ACIR

Polina Sinovets, Heather Seckman, Chris McDermott,
Anne Godsey, Sharon Taylor, Jerry Godsey, Judy van Heiningen

Polina Sinovets, Jeremy Kobs, SCAD Student

SCAD Students with Bob Thacker and Elizabeth Munson

SCAD Students with Elizabeth Munson

Steve Bergey Comments

Willian De Baets (center) consults with John Parkerson.
Takashi Shinozuka (foreground)

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