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November 3, 2017

Support the Atlanta Council on International Relations (ACIR)

Dialogue Promotes Peace and Prosperity through Knowledge and Understanding

Today, our world with all of its promise also confronts unprecedented challenges. If not properly addressed, many of these challenges devolve into conflict. Dialogue with foreign leaders, understanding the international business goals of the US and other countries, and recognizing the role that each country plays in both international affairs and international business, is at the heart of what ACIR offers those who are interested in international relations, international business, world affairs, and U.S. foreign and security challenges. Involvement and support of ACIR provides each of us an opportunity to make a contribution to the advancement of peace and prosperity through knowledge and understanding.

Atlanta Council on International Relations was founded in the 1950s as the Atlanta sub-chapter of the Council of Foreign Relations. It later developed into an independent organization and quickly became known as a premier Atlanta institution. The organization has a near 70-year history of stimulating interest in, and fostering discussion and debate through, public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, and other similar programs. ACIR is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, and therefore all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable under the law.

How can I support ACIR?

Attending Programs

Meeting together is a way we can all contribute to ACIR, and it is integral to the continued success of the organization. Whether you are a member or non-member, we invite and encourage you to attend our meetings and conferences.

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ACIR membership allows you to attend ACIR events, and many ACIR co-sponsored events, at member rates, attend “Members Only” functions, receive regular notification of ACIR events, and contribute to the support of ACIR interns. ACIR membership dues also permit ACIR to bring to you a wider variety of programs with highly regarded national and internationally speakers.  Click Here to Join or Renew Membership.


One of the best ways to support the work of ACIR is through volunteering. ACIR seeks volunteers in such areas as program development, administration, outreach programs to academia, business, the military, as well as in technology, website support, and funding. If you would like to support ACIR as a volunteer, please contact Bob Kennedy at


ACIR relies on individual donations and corporate sponsorships to support our mission with donations. Your tax-deductible individual donation enables us to create outstanding programs featuring experts to address the complex issues that confront the United States and the world community. Your financial help also allows us to support interns from local universities who assist us in the development and execution of our programs. Without your financial support, ACIR would not be the vibrant organization it is today.

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak addresses ACIR Members

Shane Stephens, Consul General of Ireland; Professor Alasdair Young; Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, U.K. Consul General; Ambassador Detlev Ruenger, Consul General of Germany

Individual Donations:

  • are tax-deductible
  • are not earmarked
  • come from private individuals, like yourself, and business and industry
  • If you would like to support ACIR programs, you may donate through PayPal or by credit card by clicking the links below or sending a check payable to ACIR and mail to the Atlanta Council on International Relations, 6975 Hunters Knoll NE, Atlanta, GA 30328.


To donate, please click on the button next to the desired amount:




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ACIR is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and non-partisan educational organization that promotes understanding of international affairs through the free exchange of ideas. ACIR is always open to new members from the Atlanta community and internationally. Yearly membership is $50 per individual.

Thank you for your support of ACIR!

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