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Co-sponsored with Center for European and Transatlantic Studies
"A Changing Europe in an Uncertain World"
March 13, 2018

This conference takes stock of the European Union's role in the world at a time of internal and external challenges. The United Kingdom's decision to leave the EU will have implications both for what the EU tries to achieve beyond its borders and how effective it is in realizing those objectives. At the same, the new United States Administration has created unprecedented uncertainty about the future of the transatlantic relationship and about the US's tole in the world more generally. These dramatic shocks occur against a backdrop of China's continued rise and Russia's assertiveness, both of which contribute to an increasingly turbulent international environment. 

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"The Clash of the U.S and the E.U on Privacy and National Security"
March 22, 2018

Mr. Swire is Senior Counsel with Alston & Bird and the Elizabeth and Tommy Holder Chair of Law and Ethics at the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. In 2015, the International Association of Privacy Professional awarded him its Privacy Leadership Award. In 2013, he served as one of five members of President Obama's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology. Under president Clinton, Swire was the Chief Counselor of Privacy, in the U.S Office of Management and Budget. 

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"J Street and the Fight for the Two-State Solution"
March 6, 2018

Mr. Elsner is a special advisor to the president of J Street and has had a long career at the top ranks of American and international journalism prior to joining J Street. As State Department and later White House correspondent for Reuters News Agency, Mr. Elsner traveled the world with Secretaries of State and was on first-name terms with Presidents and Vice Presidents. Mr. Elsner provided his views on efforts to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis through a two-state solution.

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"Addressing the North Korea Dilemma: An American Perspective"
February 15, 2018

Mr. Park is the CEO of General Building Maintenance. He founded GBM in 1983. Under the motto “Zero Defects is Our Goal,” GBM became one of the top private commercial cleaning services providers in the United States and was awarded as one of the "Fastest Growing Companies" in Atlanta.  A native of South Korea, Sunny immigrated to the United States in 1974 with no money who now, as an indicator of his business acumen, has successfully achieved his goal of paying $1 million in annual income tax.

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"Russian Strategic Culture and Nuclear Weapons"
January 30, 2018

Dr. Polina Sinovets is an associate professor in the international relations department at Odessa I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine. From 2004 to 2012 she was a senior research associate at Ukraine’s National Institute for Strategic Studies. She has published several dozen articles on nuclear deterrence, disarmament, missile defense, and nonproliferation in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. In 2004 she received a doctorate in political science from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Kiev.

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Consul General of Canada in Atlanta
"The North American Partnership: Looking Ahead"
December 10, 2018

Ms. Theodore has made her career in the Trade Agreement and Negotiations Branch of Global Affairs, holding leadership positions on several recent and major trade initiatives of Global Affairs Canada. Most recently, Ms. Theodore served in Ottawa as Chief of Staff and Executive Director to Canada’s Deputy Minister for International Trade. She was named Consul General for the U.S. Southeast in August 2017. As part of Canada’s international trade negotiating team, Ms. Theodore has built a reputation for forging strong partnerships with government and business leaders and managing complex, priority trade initiatives.


Professor Emeritus, Dr. JOHN GARVER
"The Rise of China and Iran"
November 16, 2018

Dr. John W. Garver specializes in China's foreign relations. He served for many years on the editorial boards of the journals China Quarterly, Journal of Contemporary China, Issues and Studies, and Asian Security. He is a member of the National Committee on U.S - China Relations and is an author of twelve books and seventy-five referred articles and book chapters dealing with China's foreign relations.

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Consul General of Israel in Atlanta
"Recent Developments in the Middle East"
October 19, 2018

Ambassador Varnai Shorer is a nearly 40-year veteran of the Israeli diplomatic corps. She is a former ambassador to both Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as a former minister of congressional affairs at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. Her most recent post was desk director at the Center for Policy Research. Ambassador Shorer has substantial experience in the U.S. and the Middle East. She speaks Hebrew, French, English and Hungarian and was born in Beer Sheva, Israel.

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Ambassador of Mexico to the U.S
"Current Assessment of the Mexican-American Bilateral Relationship"
October 5, 2018

His Excellency Gerónimo Gutiérrez has been Ambassador of Mexico to the United States since March 2017. Ambassador Gutiérrez served as Managing Director of the North American Development Bank (NADB) headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Under his leadership—centered on strategic planning, business development and project management—NADB grew its loan portfolio at an average annual rate of 32%, reaching US$1.4 billion in 2016, and placed several successful bond issues in the U.S. and European markets, while maintaining a strong financial position and AA credit ratings.

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