U.S.-China Relations: What Are the Moving Parts?

  • 10/17/2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Capital City Club - Downtown


In this 2019 autumn ACIR cycle, we find both the U.S. and China in a trade war. We have an American president determined to stop the long-standing Chinese theft of American intellectual property and protection of state-owned enterprises from competitive markets, and a powerful Chinese leader who recently visited the site of the Long March in Jiangxi Province to symbolically gird the Chinese people for what may be a prolonged trade war. China’s recent implicit threat to cut off its rare earth minerals, critical to the U.S. manufacture of electronic devices, reflects the seriousness of this economic contest. Where is it going, and at what cost to both sides?

ACIR is honored to host Dr. Penny Prime who will discuss the topic, "U.S.-China Relations: What Are the Moving Parts?"

Dr. Penny Prime is Clinical Professor of International Business in the Institute of International Business at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University, and Founding Director and Board Member of the China Research Center.

Dr. Prime has over 40 years of experience studying Mandarin and working in China, and was one of the first American graduate students to visit China for dissertation research after U.S.-China normalization. She has analyzed China’s economy for the U.S. Bureau of Census, advised companies on China strategy, business environment, negotiations, and culture.

Dr. Prime is the author of several books on China’s economic development, as well as books on Taiwan and India. She has also authored numerous articles on the Chinese economy and culture. She serves on the editorial Boards of China Economic Review and Eurasia Geography & Economics. The recipient of numerous grants and awards, Dr. Prime launched the China Research Center, a non-profit organization designed to promote research and education about greater China. She is also on the Research Board of the ICA Institute and is a member of the National Committee for U.S. – China Relations.

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